Beurs: Transport & Logistics

Tue, 10/05/2010 - Fri, 10/08/2010

The AUTOEXPO Company invites you to take part in the 13th International Transport+Logistics'2010 Trade Exhibition!

As far as the authority of teacher is estimated according to his pupils and followers, the authority of Transport+Logistics can be notable and appraised by fairs originated from it. The present autumn transport & logistic forum will be staged in the constellation of warehouse and construction exhibitions. All these today's individual exhibitions used to be subject sections of Transport+Logistics. However, the extension of transport market and its separate segments predetermined the necessity of their independent development.

Nevertheless, the exhibition itself did not become colourless and impoverished. In contrary, it gained a series of high-power impulses having extended its high-principled potential and thematic resources. Transport and logistic system is so pervasive and many-sided that every constituent element of it could be a vast field of action. Therefore, resources of the branch hide enormous prospects of development for transport fair, and the participants of Transport+Logistics feel them yearly at first hand for the exhibiting at this major national trade forum bring them appreciable dividends after all.


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