Beurs: Taropak

Mon, 09/13/2010 - Thu, 09/16/2010

packing technologies and logistics for experts 

Join us to present your offers at TAROPAK 2010, the largest trade fair for the packaging and logistic sector in Central Eastern Europe. This specialist event is well recognised in the industry and appreciated since it makes it possible to assess the market situation and gain knowledge about the latest solutions and technologies in packaging and logistics.

TAROPAK is a business event for companies offering: 

  • raw materials and semi-finished products,
  • packaging materials,
  • packaging and accessories,
  • packing machines and equipment with spare parts and accessories,
  • packaging manufacturing machines,
  • in-house transport equipment and devices,
  • stock management machinery,
  • specialist equipment for processing logistic data,
  • warehousing, transport and forwarding services,
  • IT services related to logistics,
  • telecommunication services,
  • barcodes and automatic data identification systems,
  • printing services,
  • technical consulting.

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