Beurs: LOGISTIK Schweiz

Wed, 09/15/2010 - Thu, 09/16/2010
Bern (Zwitserland)

The logistical highlight in Switzerland

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easyFairs® LOGISTIK Schweiz 2010 brings together the region's most comprehensive trade show for the industry with a rich program of informational activities all around the topic of transport and storage technologies and solutions, materials handling systems, logistics infrastructure, warehouse equipment and services, goods handling, labelling, picking, tracking... and so much more!

At easyFairs® LOGISTIK Schweiz 2010 exhibitors and trade visitors alike exhibitors and trade visitors alike will profit from this unique platform for sales contacts. Compact and straightforward in structure, the show lasts only two days but affords a comprehensive overview of what's new on the market -- and who is providing it.

A trade show for people who simply want to do business!

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